Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY makeover part 1

DIY makeover part 1 // remember i said i was doing a DIY makeover on a vintage purse? i snapped a few pictures of the purse in its "before" stages. brown handles with a black velvet body, and these weird silver clasps that gathered the fabric. i usually am not much of a DIY makeover person, so when i looked at this, i was thinking.."uhhh i am definitely not going to use that purse." but i've been trying to be better about repurposing and recycling items instead of just tossing them or dismissing them as un-wearable.

so the end goal for this project is to make this ugly purse (that has a lot of potential) into a very stylish foldover clutch! it was quite a challenge figuring out how to take out the handles without ruining the purse, or take out those silver things, and also relocating the magnetic closure on the purse.

i'll post pictures of the end result when i get there! :) in the meantime, please follow my blog if you like the posts you've been seeing! i'd appreciate it :)


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