Wednesday, November 16, 2011

style sheet: "i have nothing to wear!"

this is for those of you that always stare at your closet that is filled with clothes and still say, "i have nothing to wear!!" some of my friends tell me they have this problem, and i figured that maybe other people do here's a few ways to keep this from happening so often! 

[1] when you go shopping for clothing, STOP and think before you pick up that cute top.

ask yourself, can i wear this top tucked into pants? not tucked in? tucked into a skirt? not tucked into the skirt? under a cardigan or blazer? belted? with sleeves rolled up (for long sleeves)? if you find yourself answering no to half these questions or more, i wouldn't recommend purchasing it, because it won't be very versatile. unless you only like wearing everything once or twice a year. it's okay if you have a few of these kinds of pieces in your closet though, i know i do.

or if it's a skirt/pant you're considering, can it be worn with a top tucked in/out, maybe with the pant cuffs rolled up, with tights for the fall/winter if it's a skirt..etc.

a good example of a more casual yet very versatile top.
image from j.crew

a good example of a versatile top that can be dressed up.
image from loft

a very pretty but not-as-versatile top. the feathers are attached..
what if you don't want them one day? or what if your 
skirts come up right below that elastic? then it'll look funny..
image from forever 21

[2] reorganize your closet in a way that makes sense to you.

my closet is organized by type of clothing, and then within each type, by color. so all my sweaters are together on the left side of my closet, in a color spectrum (rainbow order, basically). then my tops to the right of the sweaters, in the color spectrum. it helps me when i put outfits together. but that may not work so well for you, depending on your style, so think about how you usually put outfits together and work with that. for example, if you're not too sure about how to style things, but know a few outfits that work well together, then group items in your closet by outfit. 

just two tips for now, i'll write a few more for another day! post your questions if you have any!


  1. i feel like you were talking to me :)always great posts!

  2. Simple yet gorgeous pieces... also, the models are gorgeous! AM I the only one that notices this type of thing before anything else? LOL >_<

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi


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