Wednesday, December 7, 2011

topshop, olivia palermo, & refinery29

olivia (on the right) talking about how she styled the models

i got my hair did by diana, the salon director of kelly cardenas salon in wicker park &
i met shani from refinery29!

one of my friends that i went with (her sister took this picture)

us & olivia! she's so lovely. (picture credit: iris)

topshop, olivia palermo & refinery29 // last night i attended olivia palermo's styling event at topshop in chicago, also hosted by refinery29 (which is one of my favorite websites, btw, please check them out!). it was so much fun! got to meet and chat with some wonderful people, get my hair done by diana, who's the salon director at kelly cardenas salon in wicker park, and see olivia's picks for holiday styling. looking forward to the next event :)


  1. So lucky you got to meet Olivia! She is such a style icon. You girls look great too! Love your site and looking forward to following it! =)

  2. Looks like a great time. Love your skirt and your hair is lush!!

  3. I am so jealous and I think you look even cuter than Olivia lol. I love your outfit. BY THE WAY, hair looks amazing!

  4. I don't know who olivia palermo is but that's you have a dope outfit you have on.

    very chic and sophisticated in my opinion!


  5. Grace! I love your blog, your hair in this post (so gorgeous), and Olivia Palermo (she's so fabulous)! :o)

  6. Love your outfit! And Olivia is such a style icon...that must have been a great time:)

  7. ooh you are so lucky! Olivia Palermo is gorgeous! didn't know you had a blog too ; )

  8. What a glamourous evening it must have been! you look stunning.

  9. how tall are you? your body is so flattering for your height!

  10. hello, anonymous! i'm 5 foot 2..i think the heels just made me look really tall :)


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