Saturday, October 29, 2011

baby, it's cold outside

lovely purple cowl i made. it's a nice plum color in real life :)

baby, it's cold outside //'s around 40 degrees. it's not bad. but it's "snowing" on the east coast and everyone is freaking out, even though it's all melting. i can understand if everyone wants to freak out once it ices over, but it's not close to nightfall yet, and it's all just wet and rainy. sigh.

i suppose this is an appropriate photo for today, then. a big, warm, chunky plum cowl i crocheted :) i love it. i think i enjoy making cowls more than normal scarves..for some reason, it's more satisfying to crochet in a big circle, haha :) oooh, maybe i'll do a giveaway for one of my cowls, since it's getting cooler, and save the bracelet giveaway for when it gets warmer?

enjoy your saturdays! <3

Friday, October 28, 2011

weekend moodboard #2

lovely lanterns from stylemepretty, pumpkin chai cupcakes from dessert for two,
beautiful rainbow cowl from infiknitty

weekend moodboard #2 // looking at this moodboard just makes me feel happy that it's fall :) hope this inspires your weekend!

+ that lantern photo just makes me so delighted. i absolutely love lights. if i could have christmas lights up year round and not have to pay so much for the electric bill..i would.

+ delicious pumpkin cupcakes with chai buttercream frosting. mmmm. here's their recipe!

+ i've been on a cowl crocheting craze recently..and this one on etsy caught my eye with the gorgeous colors and the lovely texture. if you know how to knit or crochet, go pick up some chunky yarn and make one...i've been living in mine :)

have a wonderful weekend! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

beauty school: island goddess eye tutorial

this bright teal and bronzey-copper look reminded me of an island goddess. i love this look :) full instructions below!


1 + start with a clean canvas, as always. take the primer or base of your choice (i'm using nyx jumbo eye pencil in gold) and put it all over your eyelid. use your finger to blend it out a little.

2 + take a bright teal eyeshadow (i'm using covergirl eye enhancers in aqua paradise) on a shadow brush (i'm using sephora's classic small synthetic eyeshadow brush) and pat it all over your lid, making sure the color is very concentrated. feel free to blend out the edges with your fingers or a blending brush.

3 + using the same brush (or a different one if you prefer), grab a little bit of dark gray or black eyeshadow (mine is nyx single eyeshadow in rock) and apply it to the outer corner of your eye. if necessary, blend the color into the teal a bit so there are no harsh edges.

4 + take a fluffy crease brush, or a blending brush if you prefer, (i'm using a generic brand one from target) and dip it in a copper or bronze colored eyeshadow (i'm using nyx single eyeshadow in copper). apply the copper color above the teal, and blend into the teal a bit, essentially creating a gradient from copper to teal.

5 + go back in with the shadow brush and the black eyeshadow and darken the black color, also bringing it up a little, into the copper, so that your gradient looks more natural. blend if necessary. if you're not sure how it should look, refer to the next photo.

6 + use your favorite eyeliner (i'm using sephora's waterproof smoky cream liner in must haveto line your upper lashline. (the brush i'm using is sonia kashuk's small smudge brush -- discontinued) i like winging my eyeliner out to elongate my eye shape a bit, but you don't have to.

7 + take a pencil liner, if you didn't use pencil the first time, (mine is sephora's kohl waterproof eyeliner in keep black) in the same color as your first eyeliner, and line your lower lashline and waterline. don't worry if it isn't perfect!

8 + using a smudge brush (i like sephora's classic rounded smudge brush), pick up a small amount of the black eyeshadow and smudge it on top of the pencil liner you just drew on. then take a small amount of the teal eyeshadow with the same brush and smudge it right beneath the black shadow.

9 + finish with 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara (mine is maybelline's volum' express the falsies black drama mascara). as always, feel free to also apply mascara on your bottom lashes if you'd like, and also fake lashes if you prefer.

10 + the finished look! hello, island goddess! :)

 the completed look, along with part of my outfit for that day.
plaid flannel shirt: target, white button down: h&m, 
statement necklace: diy. my favorite necklace! i'll make you one too, email me :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

arm candy + a quick review

today's arm candy and manicure
all bracelets are diy! :) i had so much fun making all of them.

baked mineral bronzing powder from victoria's secret
confetti sparkle nail polish from forever21, desert haze nail polish from e.l.f.
(all photos from their respective websites)

arm candy + a quick review // yesterday i picked up the victoria's secret bronzing powder in glitterati, which i love. i was hoping it'd be good because i had never tried it before! very much a bronzer, unlike the e.l.f. studio bronzer i bought a while ago, which is more of a shimmer powder, even though i bought the darkest palette. it would be a good choice if you just want a slight shimmer. the VS bronzer is $16, definitely more than the e.l.f. bronzer ($3) but it was a good buy!

i also bought a bottle of nail polish (more like 3 bottles, but i couldn't find the other 2 colors online to link them!) yesterday at forever21, and i also love this! it's a clear polish base with tons of blue & purple glitter everywhere. i don't know if you can tell, but i did an ombre glitter effect on my middle fingernail in the picture above, and just did a regular coat of the glitter polish on my other nails. this polish is SO pretty, and just under $3...definitely recommend!

the last bottle of nail polish i bought a while ago from e.l.f., and i used that as my base color before putting the glitter polish on. it looks kind of grayish in the picture, but in real life, it's more of a taupe/nude color. a very good lighter neutral for anyone looking for something like that. the polish is a good consistency, and seems to be of decent quality. there are a ton of colors to choose from, and you definitely can't beat the $2 price tag. the only issue with e.l.f. is the shipping, but you can do what i do and combine your order with a friend who lives near you :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

photo diary: outfit, cappuccino, & macaron love

the cappuccino i had this morning..

the outfit for was chilly this morning!
aviators from target, infinity cowl & faux leather jacket & ruffle top & jeans & flats from forever21, 
coral cardigan & bag from gap

my cousin went to new york this past weekend and brought back laduree macarons!!

mmm look at the deliciousness peeking out from the paper.
from left to right: caramel with fleur de sel, rosewater, coffee, and black currant violet (my fave!)

Monday, October 24, 2011

my featured style picks!

nutmeg boyfriend blazer from topshop, 7 for all mankind jeans from net-a-porter
cream chiffon bird blouse from dorothy perkins, berry suede Guess heels from 

my featured style picks! // a few days ago i was featured by the lovely art & editorial director, Elsina, over at Fashion Blog Love, a great website dedicated to showcasing different fashion blogs and their respective bloggers. she had me choose 4 items as well as a celebrity look that inspired the pieces, and write up a little description.

"Kim Kardashian is rocking the nude blazer here! This is a look that's great for spring. But come fall, here's a great way to mix up your typical blazer and skinnies look, that can take you anywhere from running errands to dinner with friends. Choose a blazer with a richer hue, such as this nutmeg boyfriend blazer from Topshop, and wear it with a girly chiffon blouse to offset the menswear look of the blazer.

Add gray skinnies, like these from 7 For All Mankind, to lighten the look for daytime, or to amp it up for night, go for a pair of black skinnies. Finish your look with a rich, berry-hued heel and lots of gold accessories!"

head on over to Fashion Blog Love to check out my feature, as well as a few other features!

Friday, October 21, 2011

weekend moodboard #1

runway image from DKNY, via glamour, wedding invitation from ohsobeautifulpaper
nails from lacquerized, bracelet from BHLDN, salted caramel apple macarons from julijaart

weekend moodboard #1 // a collection of a few items i am loving, and hoping it serves as some inspiration for your weekend! 

+ i absolutely love the bright hue of that blazer on the left -- just because it's fall doesn't mean everything has to be muted or darker! go ahead and wear a pop of bright, and pair it with black :)

+ lovely typography, white ink on kraft paper. you can't go wrong with kraft paper and beautiful type!

+ a rich and glittery plum/berry hued nail polish shade that would look incredible paired with that bright pink blazer..or any other fall outfit, for that matter. and of course, my favorite, gold accessories. which go with almost anything. :) that bracelet is so lovely!

+ these salted caramel apple macarons sound AMAZING. and perfect for fall! here's her recipe!

hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

eye look #4: mermaid eyes

mermaid eyes :)

mermaid eyes // yesterday's eye look. i started with a light champagne/taupe shadow, added forest green to the outer corners, and highlighted with bright gold in the middle. i used cream liner to line my upper lash line. 

i actually wasn't planning on making it look "mermaid-ish" but last minute, i decided that bright teal might look interesting on my bottom lash line (plus teal/aqua is my favorite color). on my bottom lash line, i used a bright teal eyeliner and then smudged teal eyeshadow on top of it, and then defined it a little with black pencil. and of course i finished the look with mascara.

i haven't had a chance to do a photo tutorial for this look yet, but if you'd like to see one, please let me know via comment so that i can do it!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY makeover part 1

DIY makeover part 1 // remember i said i was doing a DIY makeover on a vintage purse? i snapped a few pictures of the purse in its "before" stages. brown handles with a black velvet body, and these weird silver clasps that gathered the fabric. i usually am not much of a DIY makeover person, so when i looked at this, i was thinking.."uhhh i am definitely not going to use that purse." but i've been trying to be better about repurposing and recycling items instead of just tossing them or dismissing them as un-wearable.

so the end goal for this project is to make this ugly purse (that has a lot of potential) into a very stylish foldover clutch! it was quite a challenge figuring out how to take out the handles without ruining the purse, or take out those silver things, and also relocating the magnetic closure on the purse.

i'll post pictures of the end result when i get there! :) in the meantime, please follow my blog if you like the posts you've been seeing! i'd appreciate it :)


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

short update

hello, i see you! another eye look photo. :)

just signed up for IFB, independent fashion bloggers, yesterday! it's been nice having so many people welcome me and exchanging blog links with me.

i'm really excited for a DIY project i'll be posting soon! my mom found a vintage purse this afternoon and decided to see if i wanted to use it. let's just say it was not very trendy. so i decided to spruce it up and make it into a foldover clutch! more on this later!

don't forget to also follow my blog with Bloglovin! :)


Monday, October 17, 2011

photo diary: off the wall

scarf and skirt: forever21, blazer and blouse: h&m 
similar scarf here, similar blouse here, similar blazer here and here, similar skirt here

i love love love this scarf. i will probably be posting a tutorial 
soon on how to make your rectangle scarves into circle scarves!

booties: i forget where these are from.. similar here and here

off the wall // a couple months ago, i decided that i wanted to do something with a blank white wall space in my room. i put a 3M hook up, and hung a poster from it. the other day i was looking at it, (and i have no clue if this was a completely original idea or not) and i thought, hm! i wonder if i can style an outfit on it! and so today i did. if you can hang art on a wall, and styling is a form of art, why not? :)

this is a great way to display your work (i guess to your family members! or friends who visit your room) if you're getting into styling, or to help you decide how to put your outfit together for the next day.

since i don't really have anyone to help me take pictures of my daily outfits like other fashion bloggers do, this will have to do for now! :) i'd pair this lovely fall outfit with some arm candy and probably also a long skinny belt, knotted around the waist.

until tomorrow! <3

Sunday, October 16, 2011

photo diary: diy weekend style!

my usual arm candy, and my diy manicure
bracelets from top: forever 21, forever 21, diy, diy, h&m

diy weekend style // my cousin and i were hanging out yesterday, and being that it was so beautiful out yesterday, we decided to sit outside and...give ourselves diy manicures. yes, we were being girly. and yes, it was fun. :)

i used essie's it's genius on most of my nails -- it's a beautiful dark berry color with small gold flecks in it. for my ring fingers, i first did one coat of love & beauty's burgundy color, which is a super dark purpley-plum, and then one layer of the essie, and then let it dry. once it was dry, i put tape on my nail at an angle, and then painted the top part in elf's dark navy, which is a gorgeous midnight blue color with shimmer in it.

after letting our nails dry, she modeled a gorgeous chunky cowl that i crocheted recently. i LOVE this cowl pattern, and it's super warm. apparently similar ones at anthropologie run for hundreds of dollars o_O sooo diy is definitely the way to go. if anybody is interested in buying one from me, get in contact with me and we'll talk -- you can pick a color, and i'll make it, and you send me money. definitely not hundreds though, i'm nicer than that. :)

hello! i'm waiting for my nails to dry :)

my cousin modeling the chunky cowl

Friday, October 14, 2011

neutrals + a bright

taupe silk shirt: jcrew, necklace: forever 21, black skinny jeans: forever 21, 
bright purple cardigan: mango, bracelets: h&m, diy, madewell

today's ensemble // quick snap of my outfit today. amped up my neutrals with a bright purple cardigan, but it's a little hard to see in this photo. until tomorrow! <3

beauty school: so hot (pink) eye tutorial

so hot (pink). // first photo tutorial! i hope you guys find it useful. :) please leave feedback below so i know what i can do/change for next time!

this look is for those of you who always wondered how to use your bright eyeshadow colors, but still create a wearable look. i chose hot pink for my bright accent color, but you can use whatever bright you have. if you choose a blue or green, you may want to experiment by using grays for your neutral tones instead of the taupe & chocolate brown i used.

full instructions below! & scroll down to see what products i used :)


1 + start with a clean canvas. take the primer or base of your choice (i'm using nyx jumbo eye pencil in gold) and put it all over your eyelid. this will give your eyeshadows better staying power and give them something to adhere to.

2 + use your finger to blend it out a little..this is what it'll look like.

3 + using a shadow brush (i'm using sephora's small allover shadow brush), pat a light taupe eyeshadow (i'm using victoria's secret minerals eyeshadow in luxe -- discontinued) all over your lid, covering all the primer from step 1. feel free to lightly blend out the edges with your finger or a blending brush; it makes blending easier later on.

4 + with a fluffy crease brush (i'm using a generic brand one from target) dipped in a chocolate brown eyeshadow, (i'm using victoria's secret minerals eyeshadow in coco -- discontinued) apply the brown into your outer corner and your crease using a windshield wiper motion. if you have larger eyelids, apply it into your crease, and if you have smaller eyelids like i do, apply it right above your crease. don't forget to bring the color towards your inner corner a bit.

5 + take your fluffy blending brush (mine is MAC's 217 blending brush) and lightly pick up some of your bright color (i'm using bare minerals' beautiful lisa -- discontinued) and again, using a windshield wiper motion, blend out the edges of your chocolate brown color. you are essentially making a gradient with the bright color as the top/outermost color. you can always add more later, so i recommend starting out with less because the color might come out too bright.

6 + using your liner of choice, (i'm using MAC's fluidline in blacktrack) line your upper lashline, keeping the bottom area of your liner as close to your eyelashes as possible to avoid any gaps. (the brush i'm using is elf's studio small smudge brush, which actually isn't a liner brush)

7 + with a pencil liner (mine is nyx's slide on pencil in jet black) that matches the color of the liner you used for your upper lashline, line your lower lashline and waterline. the waterline is the thin area of skin between your lower lashes and your eyeball. using a pencil is recommended here because cream/gel/liquid liners aren't really safe for waterline use (even though i do sometimes..use at your own risk!). don't worry about it if it's not perfect, we'll be smudging eyeshadow over it next.

8 + using a smudge brush (i like sephora's classic smudge brush), pick up a small amount of your bright eyeshadow and with small dabbing motions, smudge it on top of the pencil liner you just drew on. this helps to set the liner, and also to give you an extra pop of the bright color!

9 + finish with 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara (right now i'm using a sample size of bare escentuals' buxom lash mascara). feel free to also apply mascara on your bottom lashes if you'd like, just make sure it's waterproof, as the bottom lashes tend to smudge more easily. you can also apply fake lashes here if you want.

10 + the finished look! see, just a little pop of brightness :)


there we go!

everything i used for this look.. love the pink :)

brushes waiting to be washed

Thursday, October 13, 2011

oh, carry on then..

image from refinery29

image from zara

image from refinery29

image from anthropologie

image from cambridge satchel

apparently i've been adding a lot of different types of bags onto my pinterest boards..and i see a trend here -- apparently i also like brightly colored bags. these are a few of my favorites.. some more structured, some slouchy, but all beautifully designed :)

tomorrow i'm posting my first makeup photo tutorial! so excited :) i'll be highlighting a couple of my favorite brands, including NYX, MAC, sephora, & bare escentuals. check back to see the look and learn how i did it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

arm candy frenzy! & sharing my candy? :)

my diy crafting frenzy

arm candy frenzy // if you didn't already philosophy is the more bracelets, the better. :) i went on a little bit of a crafting binge, as evidenced by this photo. but aren't all the colors so lovely? unfortunately, half of these were for my personal collection, and the other half are being donated..but i'm thinking i may make a few more and share!

so be on the lookout for a giveaway coming soon.. :)

type love

(all images from the league of moveable type)

type love // being a graphic designer, i love love love typography a of course, there's nothing better than free and beautiful typefaces. thank you sooo much, league of moveable type. i chose to feature a couple of my favorites, but please visit their site for more amazing and free typefaces. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

eye look #2 [sunset]

sunset eyes // this one reminds me of a sunset :) to see how i got this look, keep reading! my camera's video function isn't that great, so i don't know if i'll be able to do any video tutorials. maybe some photo tutorials?


1 + i primed my eyes with stila prime pot in caramel, then applied victoria's secret minerals eyeshadow in luxe (a shimmery champagne color) as my base color -- that eyeshadow has been discontinued, sadly, but any shimmery champagne/taupe color will do. i used my finger to apply that shadow and patted it all over my eyelid.

2 + then i took MAC's 219 pencil brush and used it to apply my nyx single eyeshadow in atlantic on the outer corner of my eye, and also above my crease, bringing it inwards, towards the middle of my eyelid, but still staying above the crease. i kind of packed on the color a bit, because i knew it would get blended out a little later on.

3 + taking MAC's 217 blending brush and dipping it lightly into my purple color, (i forget where it's from, but nyx single eyeshadow in prune is a good one to use in place of it) i blended out the top edge of my blue color, bringing the purple a little towards the inner corner of my eye as well.

4 + i actually used a 1/8" artist's paintbrush to apply my MAC fluidline in blacktrack, but any eyeliner brush will work fine. i usually wing out my liner just a little to enhance the shape of my eye. for my lower lashline (which isn't really visible here), i used a nyx slide on pencil in jet black to line my waterline and lower lashline. i then took a sephora collection smudge brush #14 with some of that same purple eyeshadow on it, and smudged it along the lower lashline, on top of the black liner.

5 + finishing touches! i used bare escentuals' lash builder first -- it acts like a primer and helps volumnize your lashes. then i applied two thin coats of cover girl's lash blast fusion mascara in very black, followed by a final coat of maybelline's volum' express the falsies mascara in black drama. i usually don't curl my lashes for my everyday look, my lashes are stubborn so it takes longer than i'd like :)

note to self

photo from

photo from chelle paperie

note to self // on a mission to design personal stationery, and i came across these beautiful examples. the last photo is mine that i designed a while ago, so i'm looking to add a new set to my repertoire. a little design inspiration for today :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

brighter than the sun

photo from asos

bright sunshine // i absolutely love yellow. all forms of yellow: canary yellow, lemon yellow, mustard, chartreuse, goldenrod...this blouse is the perfect shade of yellow, by the way.
so when i saw this, i just had to share :)
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