Tuesday, January 17, 2012

beauty school: brush up! part 1.

hi everyone! i thought this might be helpful for some of you :) this is just part 1 of a little guide to help you when deciding which brushes to invest in, and which ones you may not need at the moment. part 1 features two types of shadow brushes and two types of smudge brushes. 

the brushes shown here are photos of the brushes that i own, so the ones that you may be considering may look a bit different although they're the same type of brush. a few popular places to purchase brushes are sephora, MAC, and sigma. my brushes are from many different places, but i have some from sephora, a few from MAC, some from the sonia kashuk line at target, some from E.L.F, and some just regular paintbrushes :)

i'll be posting other types of brushes and their functions soon! 

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  1. Grace this is really helpful!! i hope ur enjoying Chicago! - Christine Wang


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