Thursday, February 9, 2012

nyx cream shadows review

i stopped by ULTA last week, and miraculously walked out of the store with only two products. (i really tried to restrain myself because i'm not supposed to be spending so much!) one of those was the new NYX cream shadow, which i had been excited to try ever since i wrote this post. to see what i thought about it, and the look i created with it, read on after the jump!

first off, let me just say that sponge-tip applicators are not my preferred method of applying eyeshadow... for cream eyeshadows i prefer them in container-form. but being that this was a NYX product, and having had a very good experience with most of their products in the past, i still wanted to try it. i chose shade 15, called musk. it's a really beautiful rosy-brown-copper color, with tons of beautiful shimmer. the swatches online do not do the colors justice at all!

it's listed for $5 online but ULTA always has sales and/or coupons for NYX products, so you can probably get it for cheaper. the packaging is very pretty, and definitely is one thing that compelled me to purchase this product in the first place. it's a convenient size, and great for taking with you in case you need to touch up! but you actually really shouldn't be needing to touch up at all...because this eyeshadow lasted me almost 12 hours, and at the end of the day, looked as good as when i had put it on in the morning!

i did a sort of cut-crease look with the eyeshadow, which works pretty well for my hooded eyelids, and then i didn't have to worry about it getting messed up in my natural crease at all. i applied it just to the main part of my eyelid, then defined above my natural crease with a matte brown eyeshadow. 

as you can see in the photos, the color payoff is pretty good as well. i used a primer underneath, but this was just a few dabs of eyeshadow along my lash line that i then smoothed out using the tip of my finger. it dries pretty quickly, and after it dries is almost impossible to blend, so make sure you have an idea of where you want to put it on your eyelid first! if you have eyelids similar to mine, or monolids, i would recommend looking downwards for a few seconds to let the eyeshadow dry before continuing with the rest of your makeup.

overall, i'm really happy with it. there's a pretty good selection of colors, the quality is good especially for the price, and it has great lasting power!

[disclaimer: i bought this product on my own. i was not compensated in any way to do this review.]

let me know in the comments section if you found this review helpful, or if you purchased this product and want to share your thoughts as well! and don't forget to connect with me on the networks below :)

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  1. I need to get my hand on these! Here's hoping they bring them to my area soon :)

  2. Hey Grace, could you specify what you did? Is there any black eyeshadow at the outer corner? Did you cat eye the top and bottom? I adore this look and would love to replicate!


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