Sunday, April 8, 2012

spanish moss + sparkles

a few weeks ago, i picked up one of the new revlon colorstay polishes and decided to give it a shot. i chose this muted, foresty green called "spanish moss" since i didn't have any colors like it. to mix it up, i accented my ring fingernail with a shimmery blue-green-slate color, and two different glitter polishes. 

it took just one coat for the green to appear opaque on my fingernail, really, but for good measure, i applied two coats, and then my clear essie topcoat. the colorstay polish claims to stay on for "up to 10 days", and mine lasted about 5 days without any major chips (a few tiny ones here and there, barely noticeable).

they're not my favorite polishes i've ever tried, but i wouldn't say no to picking up another color next time i see them at the store :)

have any of you tried these polishes? what did you think? :)

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