hi, i'm grace.

i've always loved to be creative -- it started at a young age with drawing classes and ballet. in high school it was painting and crafting. now i'm a graphic designer who still loves anything and all things creative, but only recently discovered my love for makeup artistry and styling clothing. it adds a new dimension to my creativity, which i love! 

i love designing wedding invitations, styling outfits for me and friends, and doing makeup for brides. i also enjoy drinking coffee at any time of day, trying out restaurants i've never been to, exploring chicago, catching up with friends, and laughing about nothing in particular.

thanks for reading! :)

----- a little more about me.

: my hair

uncurled, it reaches down to the small of my back. it's long, very thick, and very resilient. sometimes too much so, and i get frustrated because it's stubborn. :) i use a 1" curling iron and curl from the top down. tresemme heat protection spray, a handful of l'oreal vive pro styling cream, and some hairspray to finish.

: my style

i don't think i own any designer brands..in an ideal world i would, but the budget just doesn't allow for it right now. i usually won't buy any piece of clothing or pair of shoes over $50, unless it's a nice coat or dress. i just learn to make it work by styling it well :)

a few places i frequent: forever21, h&m, banana republic, loft, target, jcrew, urban outfitters

: my beauty routine

i typically use mineral foundation, a bit of bronzer to contour, rosy blush, a few different eyeshadow shades, black or brown gel/cream liner, and two different types of mascara.

i'm self taught, i guess you could say. i never really learned from any tutorials when i was starting out. and i really only started doing my makeup about a year ago, if you can believe it. i never really wore makeup before that! practice definitely helps. especially if you have an eye shape that is different from what they show on the typical "smoky eye" tutorial on the eyeshadow box at the store, experiment for yourself which colors look good on you and where you should be placing them on your eyelids.

a few of my favorite brands include nyx, mac, bare escentuals, urban decay, and cover girl (for mascara).

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